About Us

A Few Words About Sport Bar

Welcome to our Sport Bar. Whether you're craving one of our fresh crisp salads for lunch or an ice cold cocktail with a juicy, hand cut steak for dinner, we are anxious to serve you. Here we have something for everybody.


burgers sold


Pizzas made


clients everyday

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Our Story


It all started from a single idea. We wanted to create a bar that would offer its customers their favorite dishes and snacks - burgers, pizzas, and more.


After making necessary preparations, completing our staff with experienced barmen , we were ready to meet new guests and visitors.


Join us for unbeatable daily drink specials, quality food, and every sports package imaginable. It’s the best place to grab a beer and watch a game.

Our Partners

We are glad to offer our visitors high-quality burgers and pizzas, but we also believe our whole business couldn’t be successful without our partners.

Meet Our Team

Sport Bar’s team is what makes marks us out from other bars and restaurants. Everyone of us, from
founders to barmen, is a part of a friendly family that always welcomes new members!

Amanda Stark

Executive Chef

Edward Robinson

Sous Chef

Rebecca Ives

Pastry Chef

  • 267 Park Avenue New York, NY 90210